Are Your Gums Receding Without You Knowing It?

A check-up and cleaning at our dental clinic in The Danforth will help get your gums back on the right track.

When gums recede or wear away, more of the tooth becomes exposed – which can lead to sensitivity and an unsightly appearance. The condition is fairly common and tends to worsen with age, but luckily, can be managed by taking certain preventive measures which we’ll cover in this blog. However, gum recession should always be treated by a professional if the level of recession is severe.

If gum recession is not addressed in its early stage, gaps may eventually form between the teeth, welcoming a collection of disease-causing bacteria. As gum recession progresses, a patient may even eventually lose their teeth.

How can I tell if my gums are receding?

It’s fairly easy to tell if the gums are experiencing some recession. If you happen to notice some teeth that appear longer than others, or you generally notice that there is more tooth exposed than usual, let our Danforth dentist know. You may also find that these teeth are more sensitive than the others. By taking the right steps to ensure that your level of gum recession doesn’t worsen, you’ll be doing your smile a huge favour.

The following factors are known to contribute to gum recession:

Prevention is always key

Take the right steps to prevent gum recession by practicing a proper oral hygiene routine (brushing twice daily for two minutes and flossing once daily), always being sure to brush the teeth gently and preferably with a soft-bristled brush head. And if it’s been longer than 6 months since you’ve been to the dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning appointment, it’s time to schedule another one.

Additionally, if you smoke or use tobacco products, try your best to quit - and if you think you may have a teeth grinding (bruxism) problem, inform our dentist. Wearing a custom-fitted nightguard may help to protect your teeth and gums from any further damage.

How is gum recession treated?

The type of treatment a patient receives depends on the level of recession they’re experiencing. Patients with milder cases of gum recession will often benefit from a deep professional cleaning, as this will help to prevent gum disease. More severe cases of gum recession may require a surgical approach – this includes a pocket depth reduction or gum graft procedure.

If you suspect your gums may be receding, our dental team in the Danforth can help. Schedule a check-up and cleaning with us today, and your gums (and smile) will thank you!

Are your gums Receding?
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