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Our Family Dental Clinic on the Danforth, Toronto Welcomes You

At Dr. Fenn’s dental clinic in Toronto, we offer a wide range of dental services suitable for the whole family, and always strive to provide the most relaxing and positive dental care experience to every patient we treat. Our friendly and experienced team employs only up-to-date and modern dental technologies to provide the highest standard of service that we can provide.

We understand how busy families can get, which is why our dentist in Toronto is available for both early morning and evening appointments.

Family dental services offered at our Danforth dental clinic include:

Routine check-up and cleaning

Routine check-up and cleaning appointments are vital to the health of a smile. A patient should see our dentist and hygienist on Danforth every 6 months or when necessary to ensure optimal oral health.

The exam or check-up part of your visit plays an important role in addressing any oral health issues early on so that they can be treated or prevented from progressing. The earlier a problem is detected, the less invasive or extensive treatment will be – which is why it’s important to visit regularly.

The cleaning part of your visit ensures that your smile stays clean and healthy, helping to prevent issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Our hygienist uses special handheld instruments to clean off stubborn, hardened deposits of bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth, as well as cleaning below the gum line (nonsurgical periodontal therapy) through a process called scaling and root planing.

Mercury-free cavity fillings

Tooth-coloured or white fillings, composed of a material referred to as “composite resin”, are an excellent and modern alternative to traditional silver (amalgam) fillings. Composite filling materials are now stronger and more durable than they’ve ever been, blend seamlessly with the natural smile’s appearance and are free of mercury.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Our team understands how a dental procedure or even a routine visit can stir up feelings of nervousness and anxiety. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) to help calm the nerves of anxious patients of any age.

Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask placed over the patient’s nose, helping to ease stress by inducing relaxing or happy feelings. It is a very safe and mild form of sedation, and the effects wear off as soon as the mask is removed – making it especially ideal for children.

Sport mouth guards:

If your child is on an athletic team, it’s important that they protect their teeth and jaw by wearing a custom-made sport mouth guard while they play. Dr. Fenn can create a custom mouth guard designed for optimal fit, comfort and protection.

Families can count on Dr. Fenn and team

If you’ve been searching for a family dentist in Toronto, look no further. Our office is always happy to see new smiles and take on new patients. Contact us to schedule your first visit!

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