COVID-19 Update

We are no longer implementing Covid protocols.

  • Patients may enter our office without masks.
  • Our staff will continue to wear masks for all procedures.
  • Our HEPA filters are here to stay and will be on.
  • Our clinic room doors can be closed at your request.
  • Please wear a mask if you have any symptoms of illness and must be seen for urgent care.



Why Does my Tooth Still Hurt After My Cavity Filling?

If you’ve ever had a dental filling, you may have experienced some sensitivity with your filled tooth following treatment.

The sensitivity or discomfort after a filling can range from mild and brief to severe and ongoing. There’s often no need to worry if a person is dealing with the former, but more serious pain should be a cause for concern.

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What to Do When a Dental Emergency in Toronto Strikes

If an accident happens, be ready - and act fast.

And while experiencing a dental emergency can be quite frightening, it’s useful to know exactly what to do if anything unexpected should happen. The last thing any patient should do is avoid going to see their dentist about any major problems or concerns. This is a choice that could lead to serious damage and complication.

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