Will I Ever Need Root Canal Therapy?

Get the facts on this common and safe procedure

How much do you know about endodontic treatment?

Commonly known as root canal therapy, this dental procedure is performed by our Danforth dentist to treat an infected or fractured tooth to ultimately save the patient’s natural tooth. Without this treatment method, teeth would otherwise need to be extracted. Luckily, root canal treatments have a very high success rate, and patients are usually very comfortable during the procedure.

When is root canal treatment required?

Root canal therapy is often needed as a result of deep decay in the tooth. Patients with deep cavities and infection in the root will require root canal treatment if they don’t want their tooth to be pulled, and if the damage is not so extensive as to render that the only option.

Patients who have experienced physical trauma or injury such as a sports-related accident, or biting down on a hard material, often experience damage to their tooth’s root as well. Having old dental fillings or numerous dental procedures performed on one tooth can also increase one’s risk of tooth fracture or inflammation.

While many of these causes are preventable to a degree, accidents can happen! In order to best avoid severe dental damage, it’s best to practice healthy oral hygiene habits daily and take any other preventive measures you can - such as wearing a sport guard when exercising in any physical activity that could result in injury, and wearing a night guard during sleep if teeth grinding is an issue.

What happens during a typical root canal procedure (endodontic procedure)?

During an endodontic procedure, the patient will first receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. Next, a dental dam will be placed around the tooth. The dentist or endodontist will then drill an opening into the tooth in order to gain access to the root canals, which are then enlarged and cleaned out.

In the final steps, the canal is filled with a special material referred to as “gutta percha”, and a crown is later placed to seal off the treatment and provide support and protection.

Think you may be in need of endodontic care?

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