Are Dental Implants the Right Option to Restore My Smile?

Let’s talk about this popular (and preferred) method of tooth replacement

Dental implants have been used successfully in dentistry for decades, with an up to 98% success rate!

In fact, they’re the most preferred method of tooth replacement – as they’re designed to closely mimic the natural tooth, witha replacement root included.

Dental implants offered by our dentist in Toronto are capable of restoring a person’s speech and chewing/digestive function, as well as restoring their looks and confidence. Simply put, this safe and long-lasting restorative option can support a healthy smile for life.

The root is an important piece to the dental equation...

With the loss of a tooth, local jaw bone degeneration unfortunately follows. This can contribute to a noticeably shortened or altered facial structure. This bone loss occurs because there is no longer a root in place to stimulate the area and preserve bone density. Because it is no longer needed to support the root, the “unused” bone is resorbed by the body.

Dental implants act as a new tooth and will stimulate and thus preserve the jaw bone. They help to restore complete function to the mouth.

Nothing looks and feels more like a natural tooth

Dental implants definitely score high when it comes to how closely they mimic a real tooth. The artificial tooth or crown that is attached to the abutment piece atop the implanted root is specially designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth, and so it is virtually undetectable as artificial to the average observer.

Dental implants also feel much more tooth-like to patients because of the fact that the implant actually needs to firmly fuse and become one with the jaw bone, just like the natural tooth root once was. This renders them permanent, fixed, and capable of lasting a lifetime with proper care.Dental implants are also used as part of bridge restorations, and can be used to support dentures.

Live a better life with dental implants in Toronto

If you or a loved one has suffered from tooth loss, then you’re most likely familiar with the negative impact it can have on quality of life.

Fortunately, dental implants can put a smile back on the right track to great oral health through restored function and appearance.

For more information on dental implants and other tooth replacement options, don’t hesitate to contact our Toronto dental team today.

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