How Good Nutrition and Calcium Promotes a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Snack your way to stronger smile!

According to our Danforth Dentist, Dr. Maureen Fenn, you might already be aware that calcium is great for our bones – but did you know that the mineral also plays a fundamental role in building our teeth, as well as maintaining their health and strength?

It’s true! We have calcium to thank for the healthy development of teeth in growing children, and we also have it to thank for aiding in cavity prevention and lowering one’s risk for gum disease. With that said, calcium is something our Danforth Toronto dentist stresses that we need to ensure we’re getting enough of throughout our entire lives, along with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to help the calcium become properly absorbed by the body.

How can I ensure that my smile (and body) is getting enough calcium?

It’s very easy to incorporate healthy levels of calcium into the diet, ideally by eating enough of the right foods or alternatively, through the use of oral supplements that come in the form of capsules or chewable tablets. Foods that are particularly high in calcium that our teeth appreciate include dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, as well as plant-based foods/beverages like soymilk, kale, bok choy, tofu, white beans, almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, and proteins like salmon and sardines (bones included).

Aside from getting enough calcium in the diet, you should also try to boost your intake of veggies, fruits, red meats, fish and poultry —as these foods contain a lot of the nutrients needed to support oral health like vitamins C, D and K, iron, phosphorous, zinc, and magnesium.

You should also certainly strive to limit your consumption of certain foods and beverages – such as processed sugary sweets and snacks like cookies and granola bars, especially sticky sweets and candies that stick to the teeth – and sugary and/or acidic drinks like fruit juice, sports/energy drinks and soda pop.

An anti-cavity hack with cheese

If you’re a lover of cheese like many people are, you might be pleased to learn that cheese can be used as a convenient secret weapon against tooth decay! Chewing on a hard piece of cheese after consuming anything high in sugars and/or acids, such as candy, cookies, bread, pasta or citrus fruits and/or juice to name some, will help to bring the intensity of acidity down in the mouth.

This is highly beneficial because dietary acid is what erodes the tooth enamel, and bacterial acids caused by sugars are what lead to cavity formation. Even a drinking a glass of milk after consumption of such foods/drinks can help to perform a similar function.

Vitamins, minerals, and proper daily care

Needless to say, simply eating healthy and incorporating enough calcium into your diet isn’t going to protect your smile from decay. It’s important to brush your teeth twice daily for at a minimum of two minutes each time, and don’t skip on flossing daily, either!

And of course, scheduling regular check-up and cleaning visits (recommended every 6 or so months) with the dentist and hygienist is important, as well. If you’re due for an appointment, Danforth Dental Care would love to see you!

Beautiful Smile withe good nutrition and calcium
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