How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities This Holiday Season

Enjoy those festive sweets without putting your smile at risk!

With the winter holidays come endless desserts and sweet treats that can be difficult to stay away from! And while our taste buds surely enjoy all of the sugary bliss, the same can’t exactly be said for our teeth - especially if we don’t take the right preventive measures against oral decay and infection.

Protecting your teeth during the sweet winter holidays

So, how can you ensure your teeth stay cavity-free this winter? Follow these guidelines below and you’ll be on the right track:

Try to brush and floss after every sweet indulgence

If you try your best to brush and floss after you consume any sugary holiday treats, you’ll be doing your teeth a huge favour. The longer sugar stays on your teeth, the more time you’re giving harmful acids to attack your precious enamel. There’s no harm in taking a portable toothbrush with you to your holiday events!

When you brush before bed, be sure to pay attention to each and every tooth surface as decay is notorious for developing in hard-to-reach or neglected areas.

Carry a pack of sugar-free gum wherever you go

Chewing sugar-free gum will help to boost saliva production, which helps to neutralize the levels of acidity in the mouth while also helping to wash away food particles and debris from the teeth. Gum sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener commonly derived from wood, is thought to be extra helpful in the prevention of acid attacks and decay.

Limit sweet snacking

Try to limit your total exposures to sugar by eating your holiday sweets along with your meals, or by reducing the number of times you snack on anything sugary throughout the day. This will help to keep the number of acid attacks down, thus helping to protect your teeth from cavity formation.

Try to avoid stickier sweets

Sweets that tend to stick around on the teeth for a long time such as caramel chews can pose a bigger threat to the teeth compared to sweets that easily wash away with saliva or water. Oh, and don’t bite on your candy canes! You might fracture or chip a tooth (restorative dentistry for the holidays, anyone?)

Wishing you a wonderful winter holiday!

Our Danforth dentist and team want to wish you a fantastic winter holiday, full of joy and free of decay! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule your next visit with us.

Stay safe and warm!

Prevent holiday cavities
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