Three Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Tongue Every Day

A clean mouth is more than just clean teeth & gums.

So... you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily (we hope so, anyway!)… but there’s one thing missing from this daily oral hygiene routine equation.

That extra important step is... Tongue cleaning!

If you haven’t been cleaning your tongue on the daily, here’s why it’s definitely time to start.

Why is tongue cleaning so important?

Our tongues are essentially like carpets, replete with icky bacteria that our mouths don’t need. Many of us are unaware or forget that we should be brushing or scraping off these bacteria daily in addition to teeth and gum cleaning every day.

Let’s explore some key reasons why tongue cleaning is important:

1. It fights embarrassing breath.

Tongue bacteria are a primary culprit for bad breath; technically referred to as “halitosis”. And let’s face it: bad breath is a problem that nobody wants to suffer from (or anyone else who may be in its presence, either). It’s easier to save yourself that embarrassment by simply keeping your tongue clean in addition to your gums and teeth.

2. It can improve the taste of food.

This is an interesting one. Since cleaning the tongue helps to clear the bacterial mucus from the taste buds, thus, freeing them up – the tongue’s ability to taste food becomes improved. And of course, this makes eating all the more enjoyable of an experience.

3. It allows you to enjoy a cleaner smile!

Having a thoroughly clean smile promotes better oral health, and who wouldn’t want to achieve the healthiest, freshest smile possible?

How to properly clean your tongue

People can choose to clean their tongue in one of two ways. The first way is to drag the toothbrush from the back of the tongue to the front, doing this repeatedly until it’s been cleared of bacterial mucus. The other way is to use a tongue scraper that’s specifically designed for the job. This tool should also be dragged from the back of the tongue to the front, rinsed of mucus, and repeated until a clean tongue has been achieved.

If you’ve already been brushing or scraping your tongue daily, then great for you! For anyone else, we hope this blog has introduced you to a new little extra step you’ll take as part of a complete daily oral care routine.


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